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What you will get here?

free university course

Courses from Top Universties

Several Top universities like MIT, Harvard, Stanford, IIT offer videos and class notes of the courses they teach in their campus. Find if your favourite computer science topic is provided by them and get to learn through the Web.
best tutorals

Most recommended Tutorials from Experts

Web is full of articles, short videos from people explaining topics in all areas around computer science. But how do you know which tutorial is best to follow? We have the best recommended tutorials from experts curated just for you.
most recommended cse books and ebooks

Best Books/Ebooks recommendations

When it comes to content quality, books often leave behind every other type of resource, because they go through most editing. They are there for you, online and offline, whenever you want.
free online course

Online courses from MOOCs

There are several companies/websites like Coursera, Udacity, Edx running Massive Open Online Courses(MOOC) to help people learn anytime and from anywhere. But keeping track of these can be tedious. Here you can get the best online courses provided by them.
colleaborate on learning

Learn with others

Share your progress with others. Show what you have made, ask questions from peers and experts. We have study groups around a topic to help you.

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